11 Ways to Make Self-Care a Priority

Freedom: More Than A State of Mind

I’ve always thought freedom was the ability to be and do whatever you want. Up until recently, I never gave any thought to the auspices of the mind. Freedom does not just apply to a physical state of being unbound. The funny thing about it is that most people have the illusion of freedom and are completely oblivious to the fact we can enslave ourselves with fear, and self-imposed limitations.

Be Mindful of What You Consume

I’ve always thought that your mind was one of your biggest allies. In reality, our minds are absorbent sponges that absorb all that we consume. Typically when one thinks of consumption we tend to limit it to the food we eat.

How conscious are you of what you consume?

Do you eat to simply satisfy a craving or soothe the constant need for a an addictive substance? Contrary to popular believe, consumption is not just what you eat. It is equally all things that you absorb from the external world. Be it food, negativity, music, naysayers, or self destructive thoughts and dialogue. We all must be mindful of what we expose ourselves to.

Much like the digestive system, the mind is highly absorbent as it processes and stores all that we consume. In much the same manner in which we eat junk food, our bodies absorb and store the toxins which can in some cases  has the potential to manifest into disease.

All that we consume or take in by our senses is energy in different forms. From the news, gossip, anger, and negative beliefs, all forms of energy that elicit a visceral reaction makes deposits of energy within both our conscious and subconscious. This information is stored within our mind. Be it positive or negative it leaves a lasting impression. Here are 11 ways to make self-care a priority.

Here are 11 ways to make self-care a priority

  1. Change the quality of the energy you consume on a daily minute by minute basis. 

  2.  Absolutely do not let no-one or nothing change the level of your vibration. 

  3. Always strive to vibrate higher. 

  4. Never lower your vibration of the level of someone else as it only affects and restricts your elevation to your higher self. 

  5. Disassociate with those that do not ease your mind or contribute a sense of peace, or emanate pure love and support. 

  6. Know that not everyone is equipped to understand the new you or understand your reason for change. 

  7. You cannot bring everyone with you, as some people are simply not able to relate or understand your new quest. 

  8. Along this new road you may have lost some people but know that it can free up space to welcome new people that can understand and be supportive in your evolution.

  9. Know that every loss is not a tragedy. 

  10. Some people are only meant to be in your life to teach you a lesson. This may only last for a season, or for many moons. 

  11. Love every once of yourself. If you don’t love yourself you can’t truly evolve. Evolution and elevation are the highest form of self love.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Negative energy creates limiting beliefs as a self protective mechanism. This energy shapes our personality and determines our freedom. As the saying goes, a man and/or woman is only as free as he/she thinks. Your mind has the ability free or restrain. In many ways this is much easier said than done, as continuously repeated habits shape both your personality and lifestyle. Change your mind and you can change your state of being as well as your quality of your life.

Take Home

We are much more powerful than we think. We have the power and mental fortitude to create the life of our dreams if only we allow ourselves to think beyond our environment and self imposed limitations to make self-care a prioity.

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