12 Ways to Practice High Energy Living


Our lifestyles are individually responsible for the quality of our health or the lack thereof. From the air we breath, to the toxic food we eat we play an active role in the state of our health. There is a common misconception that one can consume their hearts desire without consequence. Consumption is comes in many forms, food, energy, toxins, negative thought patterns, air, and pollution. This post will outline the 12 Tips for high energy living.

Everything is energy

Interestingly, it cannot be destroyed, only transmuted into different forms. Thoughts, emotions, food, pollution, and negativity are all forms of energy. Food energy can be measured from low to high. Nature made foods have the highest level of life-giving energy. Whereas, heavily processed foods have very low energy. Prepackaged processed foods have both a low price point, along with an equally low vibration aka energy.

Electrically charged foods include fruits, vegetables, and uncooked food. Cooking food drastically changes the chemical composition, and reduces its nutritional value. In recent years, food quality has plummeted, with the advent of processed foods. Consuming low energy foods compromises our health and predisposes us to disease. 

Eat to Nourish your Body

The average American diet is plagued with unnatural foods, that keep the body in an acidic state. Acidosis is the result of the body breaking down the remnants of pseudo-foods that contain more indigestible toxins than nutrients. By definition, food is any substance that nourishes the body. Any so called food that deposits more toxins than nutrients is not technically food.

It should not be used to soothe or ease emotions. In fact, the measure of food should be evaluated by how good you feel after you eat. Life affirming foods like raw fruits and vegetables leave you feeling energized. Whereas, eating processed snacks and artificially infused pre-packaged products, can leave you feeling fatigued, lethargic, and plagued with body aches and pains. This is primarily due to the digestive process. 

An Alkaline state is key to health

Natural foods contain all of the essential vitamins, nutrients, and fiber that the body needs. This eases the digestive process, as the food is broken down into micronutrients the bowel easily reabsorbs the nutrients and eliminates waste. This process maintains a natural alkaline environment. Nature made foods are naturally alkaline. An alkaline body is the ideal health state. In other words, health equals alkalinity, while disease is acidic.

Disease cannot exist in an alkaline state. Alkalosis is measured by ph (potential hydrogen). Ph is measured on a scale from 0 to 14, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 the most alkaline. A Ph of 7 is consider alkaline. Blood along with all other body fluids is alkaline. In fact, the only naturally acidic component of the body is the stomach. It excretes acidic fluid to breakdown and digest food. Just as soon as it is broken down into micronutrients, it is transported to the intestines where alkaline fluid and enzymes are secreted to restore alkalinity. 

Good Health is measured by the quality of the foods you eat

Processed man-made food is digested using the same digestive process. The only difference is that less nutrients are available for absorption after the “food” is broken down. The result product is unusable waste, which must be eliminated. Consequently, the body is incapable of using toxins. As a result it is stored within the body tissues, organs, and intestines. In time, this can accumulate, create an acidic environment, and eventually lead to disease. 

Good health is measured by the quality of the foods you eat, and not total daily calories you consume. Traditionally, the focus has centered around ease of conveniece, over quality. The key to healthy eating primarily relies on the the types of foods you eat. Diet modifications should not center around maintaining the very habits that caused the less than favorable health state.

1. Focus your food shopping in the produce aisle.

Simply put, this is where the natural foods reside.

2. Stay clear of boxed pre-packaged food.

Foods that promote the ease of convience, have an extended shelf life are more than likely laden with toxins.

3. Question shelf-life.

Artificial preservatives are the key ingredient for extended shelf-life. Natural foods that are produced from mother nature have a relatively short life as they are infused with life energy.

4. Check ingredient labels before you buy

Favor ingredient quality over brand loyalty. Question your tendency to buy a particular brand. Ask yourself, are you gravitating to the brand due to it’s ingredients or are you buying it because it’s something you’ve always done.

5. Alkalize your body.

Make sure the fluids you drink are alkaline. Bottom line, drink more water. It’s not just enough to just drink water, you must make sure that you are drinking the right type of water. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on premium brand alkaline water. 

6. Simply alkalize the water that you have.

Limes are highly alkaline and can drastically increase the pH of water. Purchase a bag of seeded limes from the produce section of your local grocer. Use a handheld squeezer and refrigerate. Add a small amount to your water.

7. Reduce the amount of meat and diary you consume

Gradually start to reduce the amount of meat (poultry, pork, chicken, and beef) and diary you consume. All types of meat are decomposing tissue that are highly acidic. Although thoroughly cooking meat is key to eating meat, it greatly increases its acidity.

8. Be mindful of all that you consume.

Our bodies absorb all that we expose it to. This includes cosmetics, foods, skincare, and negative thoughts and emotion. We naturally assimilate to all that we expose it to. Freeing yourself from all things toxic is liberating on many levels.

9. Animal milk is not meant for humans

There is a natural order to our food source. Mammals naturally have the innate ability to provide nourishment to their young with mother’s milk. Each species provides their offspring with the specific mix that is essential to their growth. Despite what you may have previously heard. Cow’s milk does not do a body good.

Cow’s milk is just as the name implies milk that is especially formulated to the growth of a cow that reaching the massive size of upwards of 600 pounds within the first 1 to 2 years. This does not fit the human growth trajectory. Milk is only needed for a relatively short period of time. This is why a large number of adults are plagued with lactose intolerance. Our bodies possess the ability to produce an enzyme that enables us to safely digest it.

After the first 5 years, it loses it’s ability. Consuming large amounts of dairy predisposes our bodies to mucus and congestion build up. The answer to lactose intolerance and digestive issue is not switching to a specially formulated milk, but completely eliminating it out of your diet. Our bodies are highly protective. We only develop symptoms as a way for our bodies to communicate with us. In the case of dairy, it is saying that you should adopt an approach that enables you to eliminate it.

10. Worry less

We are enthralled with being up to date with the latest trending topics and devastating tragic news stories. This weighs us down and creates the burden of fear, doubt, and worry. This not only psychologically affects us, but it also has a physiological affect on our bodies. Worrying and being in a fearful stressed state creates a toxic acidic environment which contributes to the development of disease.

11. Exercise more

We are more plagued by the perceived rush of life that we often feel that we simply do not have the time to take care of ourselves. As the saying goes, you can not pour from an empty cup. We are solely responsible for the quality of our health. With the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, products we apply to our bodies, and amount of physical exercise either enhances our life experience or subtracts from it. Know that you are capable and worthy of living the life of your dreams.

Take Home

Trendy diets are often tailored around granting a person to continue with the very habits that put them within their current health. This premise promotes familiarity and entices the individual  to continue with the more of the same. The problem is that eating reduced fat, low calorie foods does not yield sustainable lifestyle changes. The best way to approach health is to keep it simple. Most importantly keep in mind that you have the power to change.

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