20 Ways to Honor Yourself With Self Care

 Self care is an essential concept that is primarily not taught in schools or families.  It is however, promoted to be this over the top grandiose act that requires extensive effort and money. Don’t get me wrong, spa days, girls trips, and other extravagant excursions are a form of self care. But you don’t have to sacrifice your savings to receive it. It is so much more than the slogan implies“Self care Sundays.”

Yes you can designate a particular day to zen out and enjoy some much needed solitude, but it doesn’t stop there. Every day there we make enumerable decisions as we navigate our lives. Many of us are guilty of putting others needs before our very own. Often times this is at a great detriment to our mental health and wellbeing. By taking a closer look and observing our habits we can change the narrative.

 20 Ways to Honor Yourself with Self Care

1. Don’t be afraid to change your circle of friends if it no longer serves you.

 In life, some people aren’t meant to be in our lives forever, Some people are only meant to be present for a season. Recognize the difference and take action, if your  spirit guides you in a new direction.

2. We are the sum of the people that we are closest to.

This is the law of attraction. If you are constantly around negative people, it reduces your vibration and causes you to be more of the same.

3. The first step in self care is believing in yourself.

You must first believe that you possess all that you need to make the necessary change.  Far too many of us, do not how powerful we really are.

4. Envision yourself living within the desired reality.

Use a child’s imagination to picture your  living within the change. Channel that feeling and access it several times a day to evoke the feeling that it has already happen. This creates a feeling tone that is has already happened. Through the law of attraction it will help it manifest sooner.

5. Never compare yourself to others.

You are a unique being on this planet. There is no other person exactly like you, you are the only you and that is your unique gift. Even if someone has the same idea as you they cannot execute it exactly like you.

6. Don’t envy someone else based on outward appearances.

On the outside people may appear to have the illusion of perfection. It is just that an illusion. Every human has its own flaws and imperfections. Don’t get caught up in your ideal of how wonderful you may think they are. I guarantee you, that if you got to know them you would find that they might even have more problems than you.

7. Love every ounce of your being.

Be kind to yourself. Often times we are so critical of ourselves. Negative self-talk creates a toxic environment that lowers your vibration.

8. Never let anyone dull your shine.

Dissociate yourself with anyone that makes you feel that you are less than. Over time, it will become your reality.

9. Where your attention goes your energy flows.

Whatever you focus on expands. If you focus on all the things you don’t have you will create an expanded feeling of lack. Focus on the things and qualities that you want.

10. Whenever you feel the need to complain, recognize that you have lowered your vibration and reframe your thoughts to that of gratitude.

If you have difficulty finding things to be grateful for, simply give thanks for being alive, having a roof over your head, and food to eat. If you reframe your thoughts, you will quickly find a lot to be grateful for.

11. Don’t look to others for validation.

We often tend to believe the misconception that we need a significant amount of help and support to live the life of our dreams. It simply require you to begin. Take small consistent steps to live out your dreams. This does not necessarily require you to have everything perfect before you start. Begin and it will make a way for you to live life to the fullest.

12. Fear should not deter you from change.

Anything that goes again your current paradigm instills fear of the unknown. Simply recognize and acknowledge it and keep going. Push past it in spite of. There are two alternate meanings of the word; forget everything and run, or false evidence appearing real. Chose the later, keep pushing forward.

13. Embrace the word no if it doesn’t make you happy.

We are often so caught up in pleasing others that we put our needs on the back burner. Self care is honoring yourself.

14. Self care is not just something that’s done on Sunday.

Its something thats done every day. It’s putting yourself first, monitoring your thoughts and eliminating any negative self talk, functioning in your best interest, listening to your body when you need to rest, and loving yourself enough to practice healthy habits that honor your mind, body, and spirit.

15. Remain open for amazing things to happen.

Stop putting energy into focusing on the worst case scenario. Change your perspective to a more positive perspective. What if everything is working out for your good.

16. Changing your perspective takes time.

Don’t go it alone read books like Own Your Glow; Yusa Guide to Balance; and Spiritual Liberation, to aid you in your journey.

17. Your body is your temple. 

Believe that you have the power to change your lifestyle for the benefit of your health. Know what’s in your food. Read food ingredient labels before you buy. If you can’t decipher the ingredients, don’t eat it. Educate yourself with books like Vegucation over Medication.

18. Take time to rest in solitude. 

You don’t always have to be busy. Rest doesn’t always equal sleep. Sometimes you need to turn the the TV off and rest in silence. Get comfortable with silence. It’s powerful as it has the power to energize you from within. This act will help to ease you into the pratice of meditation.

19. Revert from turning the TV on, everytime you enter a room.

TV is programing that has the power to deposit fear, doubt, and worry within the mind. The news functions by consistenly reporting the worst possible things that happen locally and abroad, as there are little to no reports on the good things. Listening to the news when you arise and at night right before you go to bed can naturally cause anxiety. I’m not saying that you should stop looking at the news, but just be mindful of all that you are taking in. Recognize when media is affecting you and pull back.

20. Unfollow people on social media that make you question your self worth.

Social media has the tendancy to promote the false narrative that the people are perfect. It’s a visual media platform that allows people to portray themselves in a perfect light. This can be very damaging to a persons self worth. Unfollow anyone that makes you compare yourself, and engage in negative self talk. Make it a practice to only engage with those that add to your joy.

Take Home

We are powerful beings that have the power of choice. This empowers us with the ability to remove ourselves from negative environments if it does not serve a higher good. Often times, we remain tethered to old paradigms, individuals, and groups that no longer serve us. This is mostly due to a sense of obligation.

In the case of self care, we often maintain the same social habits that do not honor ourselves due to  fear of transitioning to a new paradigm. Too often, we do not know how powerful we are when it comes to change. In life, change is the only constant. True, it can be hard. But if you change your approach, you can gradually making positive changes to accomplish your goal beyond the limitations of fear.

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