Month: February 2019


11 Ways to Make Self-Care a Priority

All that we consume or take in by our senses is energy in different forms. From the news, gossip, anger, and negative beliefs, all forms of energy that elicit a visceral reaction makes deposits of energy within both our conscious and subconscious. This information is stored within our mind. Be it positive or negative it leaves a lasting impression. Here are 11 ways to make self-care a priority.

7 Reasons Milk Doesn’t Do A Body Good

In the circle of life, mothers are the primary food suppliers to our babies. Like humans, mammels have the same ability to feed and nourish their offspring. Each species has their own unique nutritional requirements. Mothers milk is naturally formulated to supply the baby with all of the food and supplements they need to grow and thrive. Unlike humans, there…read more
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