3 Reasons Why I Added Self-Care Into My Daily Routine

Over the past few months I have been to motivated to incorporate self-care into my daily routine. This epiphany was inspired by my fast approaching 40th birthday. In exactly 53 days I will turn 40. I have always considered myself fairly healthy. Over the past three years, I transitioned to Pescatarian and more recently I began my transition to plant-based. Taking all of these steps was beneficial to my overall health. But I still did not visibly see the results I desired which was weight loss. This was the main issue that I was not happy about. So much so I positioned myself behind the camera to capture moments with my family while purposefully excluding myself.

For the past six years this has been a major issue for me. Ever since I had my second child I have not fully committed myself to put in the work required to loss the weight. To be honest I have no real excuse. I have just about every piece of weightloss equipment you can imagine, a treadmill, spin bike, an eliptical, and the total gym. To add insult to injury, I also have a set of Shawn T’s Insanity, and the T25  DVD’s. The real issue was that I lacked motivation. I wanted results but hated the process. There was no piece of equipment or DVD that was going to save me from myself. I had to believe in myself and visualize myself achieving it.

In all honesty, my biggest wake-up call was my advancing age. Practically everyday there’s a news report about people my age having serious chronic diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attacks. Not only are they sick, but they are dying. Nothing makes you realize your mortality more than people your age developing and dying from diseases you previously regarded for seniors. The truth is illness has no age restrictions. Being in the health field, this is something I already knew. But approaching 40 put it more into perspective. The truth is, I did not want to be another statistic.

As a wife and mother of two I have never been one to practice self care. The very thought of it made me feel guilty for taking time away from more important things. At the time I felt as if my role was to constantly devote all of my time and energy to my family. In my mind, I actively practiced self-care every time I relaxed and watched TV. It wasn’t until I read “Own your Glow”, that I realized that I was entitled to consistent self-care. Far too often, I see social media posts promoting designated self-care days such as self-care Sunday. I recently learn that it is so much more. It is developing daily practices that allows you to focus on you mentally, physically, and spiritually.


“Self care is any action you purposefully take to improve your physical, emotional or spiritual well being. Too often, we do not make time for sufficient self care because we’re too busy taking care of others. Life’s demands at home, in our community and at work can take our lives out of balance. Self care can be getting more rest, eating healthier food, spending more time in thoughtful reflection, being kinder to yourself, smiling more, playing, or engaging in any activity that renews you.

By making time for self care, you prepare yourself to be your best so you can share your gifts with the world. Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. Self care isn’t selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel. © Eleanor Brownn

Eleanor Brownn

My first step was to focus on my physical health. Exactly two months ago, I decided enough was enough and I joined Orange Theory Fitness (OTF). It is an hour long coach led interval high impact fitness class. For each class you wear a heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate and the amount of calories you burn.

Each person’s numbers are displayed on a large monitor at the front of the class. The coaches train you with the aim of getting your heart rate within different color ranges to help you burn the maximum amount of calories. Depending on your statistics you can continue to burn calories for an additional two to three days. At the end of each class you are sent a summary that tracks your weekly, monthly, and year long numbers.

I am a weekend warrior and attend weekend mid-morning classes. This new schedule allows me to have some quiet time to myself before I leave for class. I absolutely do not feel guilty for leaving the children with my husband. After all, I’m only gone for an hour and a half. Since I’ve started this routine, I have felt rejuvenated and have began losing weight. I also really enjoy it. I no longer dread the process. I now see it as a challenge, so much so that I have had to go shopping and buy new clothes. I am so excited about this new journey. I have a long, long, way to go, but I’m better off from when I started three months ago.

 3 Reasons Why I Decided to Incorporate Self-Care Into My Daily Routine

1). I did not want be another statistic. Specifically I did not want to be another middle aged woman suffering from high blood pressure and other chronic diseases common to black women.

2). I wanted to be able to look in the mirror and like what I saw. I wanted to see beyond my fat cheeks and flaws. Weight loss is the key. I choose to believe in myself and visualize myself achieving it.

3). In order to become the change I desperately wanted, I had to seek knowledge and understanding. Own your Glow is an amazing resource to honor and care for yourself.


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