3 Reasons To Read Ingredient Labels Before You Buy

When it comes to health and nutrition, we blindly rely on bias nutritional data produced by the food industry. Food is a business, and as with any business they are in it for profit. Unfortunately, profit often times takes precedence over health.

The more I learn about health and nutrition it becomes apparent that it is a business first, as the health and welfare of humans and animals is not a priority. It’s merely profit over health. Just look at the food industry and the regulatory agencies that govern them. Thanks to these agencies, regulations are loose as corporations are free to regulate themselves. Here are the 3 Reasons to Read Food Ingredient Labels Before You Buy.

1). Scientific Evidence Sells

No company would risk profits to expose the true detrimental affects of using or consuming their products. That’s why corporations frequently sponsor their own studies. It’s simply to produce “scientific evidence” that further supports the use of their products.

Be it food or skincare. It doesn’t really make a difference. Consumers prefer products that are scientifically recommended and proven to be effective. But don’t believe the hype. Take a little to check the source. Do a quick google search to see if they sponsored their own study. If so, you should think twice about taking their claims at face value.

2). Product Quality Over Brand Loyalty

As consumers we need to be a little less accepting of the information they want us to digest. Consider this, knowledge is power and literacy equips us with the power to research the health impact of each and every morsel of food we eat, as well as the products we apply to our skin. Far too often we place brand loyalty over product quality.

I am personally guilty of this. Every time I would go to the grocery store, I would immediately flock to a particular brand simply because it was what I was fed as a child. Up until recently, the thought never occurred to me to examine anything other than the brand name and the price.

When it comes to product selection,  reviewing the ingredients should be priority. Once you institute this practice, you’ll be surprised at how toxic some of your go-to brands are. To be quite frank, you might actually feel bamboozled.  I know I feel a small sense of betrayal every time I read a label and learn that I have again fallen prey to yet another marketing campaign.

3). Marketing Subconsciously Influences Our Thinking

Marketing in of itself is a powerful tool that is used to subconsciously influence our thinking. Each and every time we view a commercial via TV or the radio, we are subconsciously guided to select a particular brand. The more we view the commercial, and sing that annoying jingle, the more the message becomes ingrained within our subconscious. Without giving it a single thought, we are subconsciously drawn to purchase from a a particular brand. But there’s good news.

Take Home

Literacy empowers us to take control of the foods we eat and products we apply to our skin. I don’t know about you, but I am not too keen on allowing corporations to tell me what to eat, drink, and apply to my skin. Let’s just say, no one should be comfortable with complacency.  There’s no reason to continue patronizing a particular food brand just because you’ve eaten it since Pre K.

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