4 Reasons Why You Should Add Moringa to Your Smoothies

Two years ago, I stumbled onto the benefits of African Moringa. I was drawn to it for two main reasons; its a nutrition rich superfood, and an amazing skincare oil. Over the past few years I have tried to find supplements to help provide me with the necessary vitamins and nutritions that I cannot get from my daily food intake. Don’t get me wrong I do my absolute best to make sure that I eat a good amount of green leafy vegetables. But there is no way that I can eat enough on a daily basis to make a difference in my overall health. So to supplement, I have tried several different mixed green superfood powders from WholeFood. I have tried several times to add the mix to my smoothies without much success. I have a shitload of evironmental allergies that include various different grasses, mold, and fungus. Each and every time I tried a new brand, I developed serious sinus pain, congestion, and headache. Unfortunately, I would experience the same symptoms when I added fresh kale and spinach. This was extremely discouraging. Once I learned about the benefits of Moringa I was reluctant yet optimistic to give it a try.

Moringa is an amazing superfood that is native to Africa, Asia, and India. It thrives in drought resistant climates, and provides a means for nutrient-rich food, medicine and basic tools for survival. Practically every part of the tree can be used. Some of it’s uses include food, oil, medicine, paper, wood, fuel, and skin treatments. Moringa is a unique superfood that has the highest levels of Vitamin C of any other vegetable, contains all the essential amino acids, a high level of vitamins A and B, and increased levels of iron, so much so it has been used to treat anemia (low iron levels).

Aside from my investment to purchase Moringa, I had nothing to loose other than experience some short term pain and discomfort. To my pleasant surprise, I had no ill effects. I was so happy that I had finally found a supplement that worked for me. For the past year Moringa has been my key ingredient in my smoothes. Here are the five main reasons Moringa is  a must have ingredient in my smoothies.

1). As an “African American”, we collectively do not have an innate connection to our African culture. This really frustrates me. So, I purposefully seek out historically used resources such as African Moringa. It is native to both India and Africa. My preference is to only use Fair Trade Moringa that this directly sourced from Africa. Research the product before you buy.

2). I was recently diagnosed with a shitload of allergies which include mushrooms, trees, and different types grasses. This includes kale. Smoothies are my go-to drink to help me get all of my daily greens and nutrients. Adding kale to my smoothies leaves me with sinus pain and congestion. This is not the case for Moringa. I am able to take it without any painful side effects.

3). I am absolutely horrible at taking pills. I have pretty bad seasonal allergies and forget to take my allergy pills on a daily basis. For some reason I only take it out of complete necessity. The only thing that prompts me to take my pills is pain. This reasoning goes completely against what I teach and encourage my patients to do. Moringa powder is my solution to both. Adding the powder to my smoothes helps to provide me with the vitamins that supplements that I need. I believe we should let food be our medicine and not rely solely on man-made vitamins. Mother nature has provided us with all of the essential vitamins and nutrients we need to live a healthy life.

4). Moringa is a powerful superfood that provides me with all of the supplements I need in the morning to break my fast. My main ingredients are pineapple, mango, and moringa powder. I have gotten into the practice of making my smoothies at night. I simply pour it into my insulated container and off I go to work. I drink it for breakfast and it’s able to sustain me for hours. I get to work at 7 am and I am generally not hungry until 2 or 3pm in the afternoon. It leaves me feeling well fed and energized throughout the day. This makes it great for weight loss. It supplies me with all of the nutrients I need and also clears out my system. AKA it has properties that will keep you very regular.

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