4 Things You Need To Know About Food Ingredient Labels

It may sound cliche, but you literally are what you eat. Every piece of food we eat is used to fuel our body. When it comes to food it’s quality over quantity.

Processed pre-packaged food-like items may look, feel and smell like food, but if they provide no nutritional value they are just wasted calories that leave you nutrient deficient and fatigued. But ingredient labels don’t lie. Whether we choose to accept it or not, feeding ourselves nutrient rich-foods is a form of self-care. This post will outline the four things you need to know about food ingredient labels.

1. Food Ingredients are listed in order of Importance

Ingredients are not just randomly listed on a food label. They are in fact listed by the most prominent to ingredient to the least amount. This is important as you don’t have to assume the concentration of one ingredient versus the other.

The first three ingredients listed on the label reveal a lot about the quality of the food. If the first three items listed are a complicated list of scientific words you can’t pronounce your “food” is most likely processed. Simply put, look for basic ingredients that are easy to read and understand. A general rule of thumb, if you can’t read it, don’t eat it.

2. Food Ingredient lists reveal the truth about what’s in your food

If we took the time to really read labels and understand what actually in our food, chronic cardiac, and heart disease rates would plummet. Foods that grow from the earth are natural live foods that are kissed by the sun and infused with live energy. When we eat seeded foods it supplies with the vitamins, nutrients, and energy that we need to thrive.

Processed unnatural foods do not contain life energy, as they are heavily laden with chemicals and sugar that renders it a food like product. Knowledge is power. Making a conscious effort to be aware of what’s actually in your food is a form of self-care. Being selective about the foods we eat, not only honors the body but the mind, body, and spirit. Raising your consciousness regarding the food you eat is a step toward living your best life.

3.  Lists use both the common and scientific ingredient Name

At first glance, ingredient lists are intimidating as they list scientific names that are often difficult to decipher. Federal requirements mandate that the common ingredient name is listed alongside the complicated scientific name. This is good news, as it enables the average person to understand what’s actually in their food.

4. Food Labels must include common food allergies

As of 2006, the FDA requires that all food labels must include information on the most common food allergies. The top allergies include; milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, fish, shellfish, and soybeans. The label should also state whether the food product was produced in a facility that processes any of the common allergies. This information is extremely important. Any food product that is produced in a facility that manufactures the very allergen that it proclaims to excludes, runs the risk of cross-contamination. Meaning that the manufacturing machinery and packaging process runs the risk of contaminating the food item with the very allergen it purposefully sought to exclude.

Take Home

Regardless of what social media would have to think, self-care is so much more than one day out of the week. Each and every time we feed ourselves we are either nourishing or poisoning our bodies. Food is essential to life. Honoring your temple by feeding yourself nutrient-rich foods, is a conscious decision. As consumers, we cannot just blindly trust that the food we each is providing us with essential vitamins and nutrients. Food ingredient labels empower us, with the power to know what we are feeding ourselves. Let the ingredient label guide your food purchases. Abandon any and all old habits of being faithful to brand loyalty. Choose food quality over being faithful to a brand whose connection is solely based on an advertisement. Use ingredient labels as the gauge of whether or not you should buy a particular food.

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