Why I Transitioned To A Plant Based Lifestyle

I decided to listen to my body. I began to slow down and observe how I felt after eating certain foods. This was my ahhha moment. I noticed that I developed sinus pain and pressure every time I ate foods containing dairy products. I cannot describe the amount of sinus pain and pressure I experienced every time I would eat cheese, drink milkshakes, or eat anything with a minute amount of diary. This was extremely annoying, as I was an avid cheese lover. It took a while for me to completely cut it out of my diet. But I soon grew tired of this exhausting cycle of pain. For two years my ENT had encouraged me to get sinus surgery to open my inflamed sinuses so that I could breathe again.

In September 2014, I had  sinus surgery. It was amazing I was finally no longer plagued with agony and pain. On a side note, the out of pocket cost for the surgery was beyond ridiculous. so much so on the day of the surgery, the surgical center instructed to pay a ridiculous deposit prior to the actual surgery.  This was mind boggling. the staff did apologize as I did not receive a prior courtesy call due to being short staffed.  There were additional out of pocket expenses from the doctors office. The doctors did a review costs and coverage prior to the procedure.  However, I still felt unprepared. Everything worked out and all the bills were paid. The weekly allergy shots continued and was now extended to bi-weekly. This was not as bad a before but it had to stop. I was finally ready to embrace an alternative lifestyle that did not include dairy. This led me to watch various food and health documentaries on Netflix. I watched “Fork over Knives”, and “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”. Both were very enlightening. So much so, that my husband and I became Pescatarains. We did not completely eliminate diary, but it was now very rare. This minor change in my diet enabled me to completely stop my allergy shots. This made me very happy, as I was finally able to manage my allergies on my own. Fast forward to the summer of 2017, and we have now embraced plant-based living. This drastic change all started with the “What the Health” documentary. The information that I learned was not new. But I was inspired to transition to a plant-based lifestyle.

 Are you interested in going plant-based? If so what is your inspiration. Share your story and tag a Friend.

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