5 Ways to Push Past Fear to Live Your Best Life

1. Know that Fear is an Illusion

Fear is a powerful catalyst that has the power to either push us outside of our comfort zone or send us running in the opposite direction. There are two common acronyms that have been used to describe these two opposing positions, one being false evidence appearing real and forget everything and run. As with most things there are many levels to fear that can range from minimal to major life changing situations. We most often experience fear anytime we embark upon a change that forces us to go outside of our perceived comfort zone. This post explores 5 ways to push past fear to live your best life.

2. Embrace Change

Whether we choose to acknowledge it, change is inevitable. Anytime we grow and evolve into new circumstances we will encounter a fear of the unknown that threatens to potentially shatter our perceived sense of security. In our plight to live life to the fullest, the ideal is to push past any burden of fear. This holds true until the perceived fear threatens the very the foundation of our sense of survival. Our innate reaction is to take the safest route.

Often times fear creates anxiety around an outcome, that represents the worst case scenario. Truth is, residing in fear creates a negative energy that lowers our vibrational frequency. Fear in itself is illusory, meaning the energy you feed it can manifest the very outcome you wish to avoid. A consistent mediative practice gives way for you to transcend any fear. For the longest time, I have yearned to learn and perfect the spiritual practice of meditation. Like most people, I felt as if I simply didn’t have the time, patience, or the inner sense of calm to dedicate any significant time to be still. This post explores the 3 key

3. Consist Practice Leads to Change

No matter how many times you are marveled with any new concept, you must first actively engage in practice. It is simply not sufficient enough to merely believe in it. To have faith, and believe in it is conceptual. Instituting true change comes with practice. One can not just believe that eating healthy and exercising will result in their desired outcome of weight loss. If the person doesn’t actively engage in practices that have them working towards the common goal they will remain out of shape. But by actively engaging in regular consistent exercise and engaging in healthy conscious eating, it will result in the desired outcome.

4. Where the Mind Goes Energy Flows

Before anything can manifest, in the physical it must first be envisioned in the invisible by the mind. Where the mind goes, energy flows. If the mind is focused on the act of losing weight by practicing what the person believes then the body will engage. Through practice these actions will soon become engrained and become apart of you. This results in manifestation. Simply transition this ideal to the spiritual practice of meditation.

No matter how much you believe in a concept you must practice this new activity in order to make it a part of your lifestyle change. When it comes to meditation, you can fully believe in the health, psychological, physical, and spiritual benefits. But it isn’t until you absolutely transition from believing you should do it, to knowing that you must push past any fear and do it on a consistent basis, that you will reapt the rewards. If you choose the later, you will get exactly what you put in, essentially half a** results.

5. Consistenct Action is Key

Consistent action is the best motivation. Whenever I would engage in the practice for a long stretch, I was motivated and could raise my vibration whenever I was faced with circumstances that threatened to lower it. This would always leave me feeling empowered to press on. Often times this created a false sense of security, where I thought I could become lax in the frequency of my practice while still remaining within the same high frequency. This proved to be a very inaccurate assessment.

By not being true to my practice my energy remained in flux and I was easily influenced by the external environment. This sparked an epiphany. Practice is not always easy, but it will yield the results you seek. In time, it will become a non negotiable, and you will be pushed to meditate on a consist basis. It will become a natural part of you, and you will engage in practice, despite all the many things that are going on in your life. Outside distractions will no longer become a deterrent for your practice.

Take Home

Fear is nothing but an illusion. It is not real. It is simply the feeling that we get when it comes to doing something outside of our norm. Just because you experience it does not mean you should run from it. If you experience fear, acknowledge it and push past it. It is only then that the unfamiliar becomes familar and the fear is disolved.

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