7 Reasons Milk Doesn’t Do A Body Good

In the circle of life, mothers are the primary food suppliers to our babies. Like humans, mammels have the same ability to feed and nourish their offspring. Each species has their own unique nutritional requirements. Mothers milk is naturally formulated to supply the baby with all of the food and supplements they need to grow and thrive. Unlike humans, there is no other species that relies on another to supply them with the nourishment that they need.  Last I checked humans aren’t  baby cows. So when was it that cow’s milk, became an essential component of the human diet. This post will explore the 7 reasons why milk doesnt do a body good.

1. Cow’s milk is for Cows.

We are not cows. Therefore, we do not have the same nutritional requirements.  Human babies are born weighing any where from 5 to 8 pounds. Whereas, calfs are born with an average weight of 63.6 pounds. That is a dramatic weight difference. The birth weight alone highlights that we have very different requirements. 

2. Adults are not  able to properly digest milk

At an early age, we lose the enzymes that allow up to digesst milk. This is primarly due to the fact that a woman can breastfeed up to the age of 5. In theory, if we followed this path we would not encounter any of the digestive problems associated with eating dairy.  Being that milk and diary are essential part of our diets, most people suffer from increased mucus production, which leads to allergies, and other issues.

3. Processed Cow’s milk is acidic

Cow’s milk is not used in it’s natural form. It must first be pasturized so that we can eat and drink it. This process uses heat to change the chemical structure. Pasturization alters its healthy components by destroying any vitamins and minerals. The resultant product leaves is a food/drink that has no nutritional value for animals let alone humans. 

4. Milk is not a good source of calcium

Milk has been touted as being one of the best sources of calcium. The problem with this theory, is that pasturization destroys its vitamins and minerals. Calcium also cannot be absorbed without the help of other vitamins to help it be taken into the cells. Having a drink that is fortified with calcium but and not be used in the body is ineffective.

5. Cows must be injected with harmful chemcials to increase milk production

Just think about it. In order to produce milk, you must reproduce. That means that a cow must continually have baby cows in order to produce milk for humans. The dairy industry is in the  business of supply and demand. They must constantly produce milk without regard to the natural order. So the diary industry injects cows with growth hormone to increase milk prodcution. As with most things that are unnatural, this has an increased chance to be toxic to both the animal and humans. Every toxin that is injected into animals are consumed by humans this presents a major health risk.

Take Home

When it comes to health, one must look beyond what they say you should eat for the nourishment of our bodies. Never be affraid to question things that may seem right. Regardless of whether you have been raised to eat and drink certain foods, investigate it with a childs mind. Research it, to better understand the reasons why. If it does’nt make sense you have the right to adopt healtier habits. The good news it that you are empowered to have control over your health and well-being.

In terms of milk, regardless of what the dairy industry says, you do not need to eat or drink dairy to be healthy. In fact, there are several different healtier nut milk alternatives. L Nuts in of itself are filled with key nutrients including unsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, and vitamins. This alone makes it healthier than cow’s milk.

It is also relatively easy to go from nut to milk. Simply pick your nut of choice; almond, cashew, walnut, or hazelnut, soak it in water strain it in a nut milk bag and mix it in a blender, refridgerate and drink. There are also several pre made store made brands in your local grocer. As with all food, be sure to read the ingredient labels before you buy. If you don’t recognize an ingredient don’t buy. Look for brands with simple easy to understand ingredients.

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  1. Sonja, you can not get enough saturated fat being a strict vegan . Also , whole dairy grass fed of course hormone free is tremendous for you . Whole dairy has nutrients like iodine , taurine etc that plant based substitutes don’t have . Soy , almond , flak, silk do not have any saturated fat which is very important in small amounts as is the mono and poly .
    Many organic farmers do not use chemicals on their cows to produce more milk . The reason it’s called milk is because you milk the teets of an animal so the plant based are not real milk . You can’t milk soy, flax, almond etc .
    The reason so many women and people are D deficient is because everyone stopped consuming “whole” dairy believing the lie it’s unhealthy .
    Google benefits of whole milk and you will see . Whole dairy is one of the true original 4 food groups how could something whole be bad it’s whoooole that’s what you want . Whole grains are good so why wouldn’t whole dairy also be good .

    • SonjaK says:

      Hi Bill,

      We are not animals. Nature intended for us to consume milk within our species. This is why milk has to be fortified with vitamins and other nutrients. In it’s natural form it is not nutritionally fit for human consumption. This is a heavily debated topic and I respect your opinion.

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