About Me

Hi! I’m Sonja, a DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) based  Research Nurse and Blogger who is passionate about the Plant-Based Health and Wellness Lifestyle. I am also a wife and mother of two children.

Since 2013, I have struggled with severe allergies and sinus issues that required years of weekly treatments and eventually surgery. Allergy testing revealed that dairy and artificial preservatives were a few of the main culprits. This motivated me to examine my family lifestyle to find the cause of my allergies. Further research, I learned that inflammatory foods such as dairy were the root cause of my allergies.

This inspired my journey to Plant Based Wellness. In this space, I share with you my love for all things related to Health and Wellness, along with my adventures of being a Wife, and Mother. My content ranges from food education, health tips, beauty product tips, and restaurant reviews. Follow me on my journey to motivate, and inspire women to live a more health conscious life.   Join My Plant Based Health & Wellness Journey Here.



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