My Story

Sonja K.

What appeared as the spontaneous development of severe allergies, and chronic sinus infections, was the manifestation of my inactive, nutrient deficient  lifestyle. I found myself caught up in this perpetual cycle of repeatedly receiving allergy shots for 2 years, with no end in sight.
There I was  boxed in, with no way out. No matter how much I followed the doctor’s orders, I remained in constant pain and discomfort year round.
 Determined to get out of this downward health spira, I was fueled to look beyond what “they” said I should eat and endure to be “healthy.” So, I dove into the health and wellness space and researched all aspects of food, health, and wellness. This catapulted my wellness journey. 
 Over the course of two years, I transitioned to a dairy free, Pescatarian diet, followed by a mostly whole foods plant based lifestyle.  Thankfully, I was able to eliminate my daily pain and wean myself from the weekly injections. Never could I have imagined that I had it in me to completely change my whole perspective on wellness. 
Although I was no longer tethered to the doctor, I still had so much more to learn. Yes, I was healthier, but I had ignored my physical health. No matter how much I wanted to lose weight I still couldn’t quite commit to a consistent regimen. Determined to overcome this hurdle, I thrusted myself into books that highlighted the importance of self care.
Self care is a continuous process that is practiced in all that we do. It’s not just on “Self care Sunday.” This epiphany soon freed me of any Mommy or wife guilt I would feel anytime I attempted to do something just for me. I opted to make my health and wellness a priority. 
This  journey has taught me so much about the mind, body, spirit connection. We are so much more than our minds.  This blog, aims to provide, mindful, inspiring, content to empower readers to know that they already have what it takes to live a conscious lifestyle. In this space, I share with you my love for all things related to health ,wellness, mindfulness, conscious living, and spirituality.  Follow me on my journey to motivate, and inspire others to live a more health conscious life. 

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