Author: SonjaK


5 Ways to Avoid GMO’s

  GMO is a genetically modified organism. It is the process in which scientists change the DNA of plants and animals. DNA make up a combination of genes and molecules that make each person and plant unique. Scientists selectively remove and replace plant genes to enable food crops to produce it’s own pesticide to protect itself against insect invasion. Primarily…read more

Top 5 Reasons Why I Went Plant-Based

When I first decided to transition to plant-based living, I assumed that it was the same as vegan. To my surprise the two terms are not interchangeable. Plant-based is as its name implies natural whole foods that come from plants including vegetables, seeds, fruits, and nuts. It does not include any foods derived from animals. Unlike plant-based, Vegan is a…read more

Food Labels vs Ingredient Lists; What’s the Best Way to Select Healthy Food

Food labels aka Nutrition Facts were developed to provide nutrition data for packaged foods. Nutrition labels are anything but helpful. It's terminology is too scientific. It is extremely difficult for the average consumer to understand. I have a medical background and I find it extremely difficult to interpret. Whenever I read a product label it raises more questions than answers…read more
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