Author: SonjaK


How to Wash Fruit and Vegetables to Remove Pesticides

Have you ever walked through the produce department and marveled at the fruit. Multiple displays of seasonal fruit are stacked to perfection. It is often drizzled with water droplets that make it look clean enough to eat. Each piece of produce is strategically placed to evoke the epitome of health.  Mounds of brightly colored blemish-free fruit are coated with chemicals…read more

Low-Calorie vs Natural Food: All Calories Not Created Equal

Our society has become so scientifically advanced that we have veered away from natural plant-based foods and heavily relied on chemically laden processed foods to meet our nutritional needs. Heavily processed foods have become the norm out of sheer convenience. Our lives are consumed with a race against time, as we are in a constant rush to work, eat, and…read more
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