Food Industry Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware: 3 Reasons Not to Trust the Food Industry

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Far too often we blindly trust both the food industry and to the government to have our best interest in mind when it comes to our health. We should not blindly place our health and wellness in the hands of others. As consumers, we must do our due diligence to educate ourselves about what’s in our food, as our health is our most precious commodity. This post will explore the top 3 reasons why you shouldn’t trust the food industry.

1. Power trumps doing the right thing when it comes to the Food industry

We as consumers are easily swayed by food corporations and government to believe their health narrative. We allow food manufacturers to define and shape the definition of wellness. All too often we blindly accept this narrative without question.  We mistakenly assume that the concept of doing no harm supersedes the power of wealth when it comes to food. Food is essential to life, as it can be used to either heal or destroy the body. It is key that we safeguard our health, by eating a balance of naturally nutrient-rich foods.

2. Money and power rule government and heavily influences food legislation. 

Federal rules and regulations are largely influenced by special interest groups and lobbyists that rally for the financial benefits of corporations.  From an early age, we are taught that the government will work in our best interest to protect our health. 

3. It is a common assumption that U.S. food is closely regulated by government agencies. 

The food pyramid and nutritional guides have shaped the consensus on good health. The assumption is that the powers that be have a moral obligation to operate within a scope that works to improve public health. One would hope that those in powerful positions that influence health policy would function with the publics best interest in mind. But power is a strong drug, and it often trumps doing the right thing when it comes to public health.

Take Home

Optimally one should be able to follow health regulations and consume foods without developing chronic and sometimes irreversible diseases. But the rapidly declining health of industrialized d nations proves otherwise. It is up to each and every individual to take responsibility for our health. More importantly, we need to learn how to listen to our bodies as they have the innate ability to continue to function in spite of our shortcomings.  this post will explore the 5 reasons why you should read ingredient labels before you buy.

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