Food Industry Myths Debunked

With food, we are either nourishing our bodies and spirit or slowly depositing toxins that gradually destroy us from the inside out.  As a collective, we must awaken out of the delusion that the foods and products we consume do not have a negative effect. This post will debunk the biggest food industry myth that companies have our best interest at heart.

Food Industry Myth

Regardless of what the government may advocate regarding nutrition. We are a sick nation, as we are getting sicker with every morsel of food we eat.  Often times it is because we are following the nutritional recommendations by eating dairy, meat, and grains.  The emphasis should rely on eating whole plant-based foods that originate from Mother Nature, and not GMO seed, or cross-pollination of different fruit species. Not everyone has a pure heart. Many are ill-informed and often place materialistic wealth and power over doing good and giving to others for the greater good.

As consumers, we must not be naive to the fact that food is a for-profit business.  We shouldn’t blindly assume that food is produced with our health in mind. As consumers, we are constantly over inundated with advertisements that market the industry concept of ideal health.  We often blindly accept the narrative that fast convenient processed foods are healthy without question.

Food Politics

One of the biggest food industry myths is that the food industry functions to uphold the moral concept of providing pure natural foods over profit. This approach to food is all based on nutritional studies. Practically every week there is a new study encouraging you to eat cheese and drink milk for stronger bones. Far too often, we are quick to believe any and every study that rationalizes our current lifestyle. But we fail to do our due diligence to determine who is, in fact, is sponsoring these studies. Often times, the dairy and meat industry financially sponsors the very studies that support their existence. An industry that financially sponsors these studies are biased, as they opt to only highlight and report data that encourages consumers to continue to support and consume their goods.

An Ulterior Motive

Sponsors that are not financially bound and connected to the food industry are more likely to produce objective data that is not skewed. As consumers we must not be so quick to believe what we are fed, we must research for ourselves to determine whether the company sponsor has an ulterior motive. We are our best advocate and we must raise our food standard. Natural foods that originate from the earth untouched by man should be revered and consumed. Any foods that are mass produced in a factory and has an expiration date that exceeds a year is not real food. We must demand more from our food and steer clear of fast convent processed pre-packaged foods.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

In the words of Method Man, “Cash Rules Everything Around Me,” is true on many levels as money and power heavily influence legislation.  Federal rules and regulations are largely influenced by special interest groups and lobbyists that rally for the financial benefits of corporations.  From an early age, we are taught that the powers that be will work in our best interest to protect our health.  The food pyramid and nutritional facts have shaped a socially acceptable consensus on the definition of health.

The assumption is that the powers that be, have a moral obligation to operate within a scope that respects our health.  But the rapidly declining health of industrialized developed nations proves that it is false. Optimally one should be able to follow health regulations and consume foods without developing chronic and sometimes irreversible diseases. Consequently, our food supply is inundated with Genetically modified organisms (GMO), and hybrid foods that lack the nutritional content as nature intended.

Take Home

Interfering with various types of fruits has become commonplace. The grocers market is overly saturated with seedless variations of fruit.  Finding seeded grapes and watermelon has become a rarity.  I love and respect Mother Nature as she doesn’t function from an egotistical perspective. She merely functions based on the law of nature. It is only when humans interfere that it affects natures balance. Unlike Mother Nature, man functions from a self-serving perspective. Selfish at best, man functions with self-serving ulterior motives that favor the few with complete disregard for the collective. Truth is money and power should not supersede the importance of natural healthy food. Gravitate toward healthy natural foods that are made by nature vs man.


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