McDonalds Pilots a New Vegan Burger in Finland

Vegan has officially gone mainstream as more people are transitioning to plant-based living. Restaurants and Grocery stores are now offering more plant-based options. I believe its mostly due to Netflix documentaries, including “What the Health.” More and more big name brands are quickly getting into the action to provide products that appeal to this growing market.

McDonalds has decided to trial a new vegan burger in Finland. This is a testament that large brands follow the money. Instead of losing customers large brands have adapted to provide customers with what they want. Vegans follow a plant based lifestyle that eliminates meat and diary products. It doesn’t necessarily exclude processed foods. One common misconception is that processed vegan junk foods are superior to conventional junk food. When I first began my transition to plant-based, I was happy to find vegan alternatives for my favorite junk foods. The more I ┬áresearched ingredients, I learned that practically all plant based foods that no longer resemble food in its natural form are unhealthy.

Nature has provided us with all that we need to live healthy. Vegan does not equal healthy. This is why there are overweight unhealthy vegans. If you chose to transition you must decide if you are going to be a true plant-based vegan, or an unhealthy processed foods vegan. McDonalds food is highly processed and unhealthy. Ingredients matter. You can not expect mass produced fast food to contain quality ingredients. Even if they begin to offer vegan options you must keep in mind that the vegan burgers will likely be cross-contaminated with meat. After all beef, chicken, diary, and eggs make up over 99% percent of their menu. Preparing food within the same tight space using the same utensils will result in cross-contamination. Buyer beware. McDonalds and brands like them will continue to profit from you as the consumer. They do not have your best interest in mind. So don’t fall for the okey dokey.

Do you intend to try the new McDonalds vegan burger? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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