The Vegan Misconception

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Vegan doesn’t equal healthy. Just because someone is vegan doesn’t necessarily mean they’re healthy. By definition, vegans avoid eating any animal products. This excludes dairy products, as well as any animal by products. Going against the larger society, and avoiding meat implies that it is a healthier lifestyle. But classifying a vegan as healthy depends on the individual. 

Vegan Does Not Equal Healthy

Just like a traditional lifestyle there are both healthy foods and processed junk foods with little to no nutritional value. Be it vegan or not, the health of an individual is contingent upon the foods that they eat. This is a universal concept, as there are hundreds of so called vegan foods that are capable of causing the same chronic health conditions as traditional junk food. Don’t let the name fool you. This is the very reason why not all vegans are healthy. It is also why it is sometimes surprising to learn that some people are long term vegans, just based on the size of theirs waistline. Don’t let the terminology fool you or make you feel intimidated. 

Eliminate Processed Food

Living a healthy lifestyle is defined by your food choices. By definition, food is a nutritious substance that sustains you. Unfortunately, most of the so called foods we eat do not meet the definition of food. Its only when we eat processed pseudo foods that it helps to foster disease. Eliminating processed junk food is one of the first steps to good health. 

Take Home

In order to improve your health you do not need to jump out the window and do a complete 360 degree change all at one. In fact, it is not recommended, as it is too much change at once. The best approach is to make gradual changes. Reducing the amount of junk food you eat is the first step. Secondly, start incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Third, reduce the amount of carbonated sodas and drink more water. The first step to making a sustainable lifestyle change gradual. Start small, start where you are, and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. This is your individual journey that is unique to you.

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