5 Reasons To Take Charge of Your Health


I randomly developed allergies in my mid-thirties that greatly affected my health. This motivated me to began to research the various causes of disease and allergies. More importantly, I needed to take charge of my health. What I learned was not new. It just provided me with a new prospective, as I had always viewed myself as relatively healthy. I never viewed myself as “diseased.” Food should nourish our bodies, promote health and not cause sickness and pain.

I had to redefine my relationship with food. I needed to know exactly what the hell I was eating. The more I began to listen to my body, the more I began to notice my feelings of shittiness increase when I ate foods that I believed was not remotely an offender. But imagine this. What if our bodies actually speak to us through symptoms. What if headaches, body aches, pain, colds, and flu occur as a form of communication. This post will outline the four reasons why I decided to take charge of my health.

1). Symptoms communicate your health status

Its almost as if our bodies are speaking another language. We interpret our symptoms as a random occurrence. We frequently seek medical assistance in an effort to treat and resolve symptoms without seeking the true source of our ailments. Throughout college and Nursing School, I was not taught to examine a persons diet as the source of illness. If you think about it, its makes logical sense. Every piece of food we eat is used to either fuel or destroy our bodies. We personally F up this process when we consume chemically manipulated foods that predispose us to disease.

2). Self-Care is Non-Negotiable

I personally grew tired of finding excuses to not eat healthy and avoid exercise. I was sick of making the same excuses and wanted to see a change in my physical appearance, one that would leave me feeling great and loving the reflection that I saw in the mirror. Being overweight for my age and height was no longer acceptable. So I dove in head first to make the change. I decided to make food my medicine instead of the my source of my insecurities.

3). Let Food Be Thy Medicine

The quality of our health is a direct reflection of the foods we eat. If we eat processed pseudo foods we will be deficient in essential vitamins and minerals. This is the exact reason why the medical community advocates for us to consume a daily multivitamin to supplement what we are lacking as a result of a poor diet. If you examine this a little closer, you will finds that its’ counterintuitive to persist to eat a nutrient deficient diet and continue to rely on artificial vitamins and minerals.

4). The Foods you Eat Affect Your Health

Why not change your lifestyle to meet our nutrition requirements. Questions like this challenged me to change my approach to food. This is by no means an easy task. Modifying your lifestyle will subject you to criticism, isolation and ridicule by both family and friends. Embarking on a change like this requires incredible strength, courage, and persistence. More importantly you have to have tough skin, and give zero f**** about what people think of you. this may sound astounding, but most of the ridicule will likely come from family.

5). Lifestyle Change Requires Great Sacrifice

Most people fear change. You must try not to take it personal as the ridicule they project onto you is more than likely a reflection of their fears and insecurities.  Being mindful of the types of foods you eat is a form of self care. We only get one life to live we must make self care a priority. We are not destined to age and develop hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and die. True, if we take care of ourselves mentally and physically we can achieve and maintain physical health.

For the longest time, I have found it near impossible to lose weight and be confident enough to love what I saw in the mirror. Whenever I would look in the mirror I would see a reflection of the slimmer person I used to be. The more I looked, I saw my current overweight self and I wished that I could get serious enough to commit to consistently work to make a change.

Take Home

Finally something clicked in October 2017, and I was able to commit to a consistent work out regimen to accompany my plant based transition. This time it was different, I took away the contingency that I had to feel like working out in order to get up and go. Truth is, I never want to get out of my comfortable bed on the weekend. But my drive and quest for health and visible results is what has and continues to get my ass out of bed and drive to Orange Theory Fitness. I refuse to be another statistic. You only have one life to live an I’m determined to do everything in my power to live it to the fullest. Drop a comment below, let me know what inspires you to make a change.


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