Top 5 Reasons Why I Went Plant-Based

When I first decided to transition to plant-based living, I assumed that it was the same as vegan. To my surprise the two terms are not interchangeable. Plant-based is as its name implies natural whole foods that come from plants including vegetables, seeds, fruits, and nuts. It does not include any foods derived from animals. Unlike plant-based, Vegan is a lifestyle that goes beyond food, as it eliminates all products that are sourced from animals. Not just meat, diary, and eggs. It’s a lifestyle that is against animal cruelty. In July 2017, I chose to remove all meat and diary from my diet, I opted to use the term plant-based vs vegan. Although it is not technically required, I am not willing to purge my leather coats and shoes clothes to fully commit to the vegan definition. Disclaimer: I am a work in progress. I live in Maryland AKA the crab state, and I continue to occasionally enjoy crabs.

Here are the top 5 reasons why I elected to go plant-based.

1). Weight Loss

I am the mother of two children. My youngest is six and I have struggled to get back to my “pre-baby” weight. A plant-based lifestyle combined with consistent exercise will help me to lose and maintain my weight.

2). Reduced Allergies

Although I have had sinus surgery, foods high in dairy aggreviate my allergies causing sinus pain and pressure. Eliminating dairy will help to reduce my allergy flare ups.

3). Save Money

Over the years, my family has spent thousands on managing my severe allergies. To date, my largest expense was my sinus surgery. A Plant-based diet will help to eliminate the allergies that come from diary and artificial food preservatives. It will also save me a lot of money. Managing an illness that stems from food is a cost I’m no longer willing to pay.

4). Health/Wellness

Outside of allergies, I have not experienced any other health issues. However, I am quickly approaching 40. Changing my lifestyle will help to reduce my risks for Diabetes, high blood pressure, and all of the other issues that plague women over 40.

5). Glowing Skin

Aside from the teenage years, I have blessed with decent skin. However, a prolonged diet of meat, and processed foods can clog pores resulting in acne, and skin blemishes.

The quality of our health is the sum of the foods we eat  and the products we apply to our skin. Our bodies are our temple, and everything we put in and on our body affects our overall health. Join me on my journey to wellness as I transition to plant-based living.

Are you interested in going plant-based? If so what is your inspiration. Share your story and tag a Friend.

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